Why You Should Join

JustinSeriousComicalCroppedIMPORTANT NOTE: For those that don’t know what Quizbowl is, click here and here for basic information.

The Reach for the Top and Quizbowl Team is one of the best clubs Colonel By has to offer. Here are numerous reasons why you should join the greatest club Colonel By has to offer:

  1. It is FUN – Have you ever dreamt of starring on a game show such as Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Be a part of all the fun by joining the Reach/Quizbowl team! Even if you don’t like game shows, Quizbowl is a bit different, more advanced, and more fun than mere trivia.
  2. It makes you a smarter person – One learns a LOT of interesting & relevant academic information when playing quiz games without even realizing it! Not only do you learn facts, but Quizbowl players are also exceptional communicators, collaborators, analyzers, critical thinkers, and are disciplined and dedicated. This club will challenge even the brightest minds, and will make you a more complete person overall.
  3. You can get involved – We offer numerous practices every week and numerous tournaments throughout the year, so you have many opportunities to improve! There is no limit to the number of teams a school can send to a tournament, so all members can get involved! Few other extracurricular activities can boast this level of involvement.
  4. It’s easy to improve – There are many ways to get better, some of which are very simple, such as reading novels, surfing Wikipedia, watching the news, or simply listening in class (seriously, don’t forget to do the last one). If you want to be an elite player, study during your free time with passion and dedication and you will be a legend.
  5. There exists a format for everybody’s tastes – There are two formats we play: Reach and Quizbowl. Reach caters to the people who enjoy pop culture, while Quizbowl is great for those who enjoy academic subjects. You can play both, but don’t have to if you only enjoy one format. Click here for more information about the two formats.
  6. Competition – There’s nothing wrong with the casual trivia player who simply plays for leisure, but for those that want the adrenaline rush of competition, this club is definitely for you (that being said, casual players will also love this club). Each and every game is fact-paced, exciting, and are often decided by very close scores. Reach for the Top and Quizbowl are respectively the dominant form of high school and university quiz competitions across North America. The competitive landscape of Quizbowl in Canada and the USA perhaps even surpasses the competition of sports teams. Ranking among the top 100 schools in the world is very difficult given the immense competition that exists, but Colonel By has done it.
  7. Looking towards the future: University & College – Most universities will have a Quizbowl team. If you wish to get involved in university, it is advisable that you get a head-start in high school. In addition, success at tournaments will look very impressive on entrance and scholarship applications. However, the indirect effects of Quizbowl are perhaps even more valuable. Quizbowl will make you a smarter person overall, paving the way for success in the future. Quizbowl develops students into disciplined, dedicated, motivated, passionate minds with a thirst for knowledge that is never satisfied. The mindset, study habits, and work ethic you will gain through Quizbowl will undoubtedly be useful throughout your career, and throughout your entire life.
  8. You get CAS hours – Like them or not, CAS hours are an essential component of the IB program. Attending club practices and tournaments alone give you enough creativity and service hours to fulfill your IB requirements. Getting CAS hours through Reach & Quizbowl is a fun experience – not at all tedious like some expect the gaining of CAS hours to be.
  9. Make new friends – By joining the Reach & Quizbowl club, you will get the chance to meet many new people and make lots of new friends. New students will have the opportunity to meet friendly seniors, who will help you prepare for the gruelling years of high school to come.

Perhaps the misconception about quiz games/trivia is that it is blind memorization of useless facts. That statement couldn’t be more incorrect. Firstly, the facts you learn are by no means useless. Not only are they relevant facts taught in high school and university curricula, they often even go beyond the curriculum. Most importantly, Quizbowl is NOT about blind memorization; it’s about being exposed to new ideas and developing an appreciation for knowledge. Some people say that knowledge means nothing unless it can be applied to good use, and I agree completely. Of course, one needs to actual gain the factual knowledge first before one can analyze or apply it. For some reason, when people see that Quizbowl requires memorization, they think that Quizbowl players only value memorization and not high-order thinking such as analysis and application. However, the latter is what Quizbowl is all about: building a foundation of factual knowledge to lead the way for higher-order thinking, deeper analysis and application, and most importantly, learning to love learning.

Another common misconception about quiz games/trivia is that is difficult, or that significant background knowledge is required to succeed at the game. These statements are both false. “I’m not good enough” is NOT a valid excuse for not joining this club. You don’t need to be a genius to excel; all you need is an appreciation for the game, dedication, and the will to improve.

If for some strange and inexplicable reason you haven’t fallen in love with this club already, here are many more reasons you should play Quizbowl from the Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance (TQBA) website.

So what are you waiting for? Join the CB Reach & Quizbowl team today!