International Ranking

HSQB Rank creates a ranking of the top 200 Quizbowl-playing high schools in the world. They take data from almost every single Quizbowl tournament across the globe, adjusting statistics based on the difficulty of the set (e.g. difficult sets have their statistics raised). The primary statistic used in the rankings is points-per-bonus (PPB). This statistic is probably the best representation of a team’s competence as it does not vary based on the strength of the opponent. No matter how skilled or unskilled the opponent is, a team’s PPB remains relatively constant. This cannot be said for points-per-game or win-loss record.

Here are some benchmarks:

PPB Information
30 The maximum PPB a team can theoretically achieve (PPB is determined per 30-point bonus cycle, not per 10-point bonus part)
~26 Approximate PPB of the top ~5 teams in the world
~22 Approximate PPB of the ~50th ranked team in the world
~21 Approximate PPB of the ~100th ranked team in the world
>20 The best teams at an ideal tournament achieve at least 20 PPB
~19 Approximate PPB of the ~200th ranked team in the world
15 The median PPB at a tournament in an ideal situation
<10 Ideally, few (if any) teams get less than 10 PPB at a tournament

For the 2012-13 season, there was data from 2173 teams. As you can see, it’s quite the feat to be ranked in the top 50 or 100. Colonel By is proud to say that we have been ranked internationally.

Here is the history of our rank:

Date International Ranking Change From Previous Rank
Nov 11, 2014 #7  11x11x11px-Increase2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.-5jbyafRd04
Aug 30, 2014 #11  11x11x11px-Increase2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.-5jbyafRd030
May 21, 2014 #41  11x11x11px-Increase2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.-5jbyafRd02
May 2, 2014 #43  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C01
Apr 8, 2014 #42  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C02
Mar 16, 2014 #40  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C01
Mar 5, 2014 #39  11x11x11px-Increase2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.-5jbyafRd016
Feb 16, 2014 #55  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C01
Feb 5, 2014 #54  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C08
Jan 12, 2014 #46  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C01
Dec 25, 2013 #45  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C02
Dec 13, 2013 #43  11x11x11px-Increase2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.-5jbyafRd01
Nov 25, 2013 #44  11x11x11px-Decrease2.svg.png.pagespeed.ic.KC_Zpjq4C06
Nov 17, 2013 #38  11px-Steady2.svg.png.pagespeed.ce.oQCYx4EQFB

Our current ranking can always be found on the left sidebar.