Trivia VS Quiz

Most people consider the words “trivia” and “quiz” to be synonymous, but here at the Colonel By Reach & Quizbowl Team, we see them very differently.

Trivia is the subcategory of “quiz” that is trivial; these are gimmicky game show questions that aren’t really useful. An example of a trivia question is “How many dimples are on a golf ball?”. To be brutally honest, nobody really cares about trivial knowledge such as this.

That’s where the term “quiz” comes in. Quiz games quiz people on useful, relevant, academic knowledge. High-quality quiz games such as Quizbowl have questions known as “pyramidal tossups” that are three to twelve (!) lines long that place difficult (but not vague) clues first, and subsequent clues that become gradually simpler. This allows people with different depths of knowledge to be differentiated, so the person with more knowledge is rewarded. This prevents questions from being reduced to mere buzzer races in which the person with the faster reflexes (not necessarily more knowledge) is rewarded.

We value quiz games as it teaches people knowledge in addition to teaching them to love learningWe are not a trivia club, we are a quiz team.

That being said, people who enjoy trivia almost always enjoy quiz games, so if you’re a fan of trivia, give quiz games a try! We’re almost certain you’ll enjoy it just as much, if not even more!