Quiz Formats

At the club, we play two types of quiz game formats: Reach for the Top (or Reach) and Quizbowl (QB). Here is a guide explaining and differentiating the two.

Reach for the Top

  • 4 players per team
  • Short, one-line questions, sometimes with unique formats. Click here for a list of question formats.
  • Contains more pop culture questions
  • Contains word puzzles and other game show-style questions
  • Three tournaments throughout the year: a regional (city-wide), a provincial, and a national
  • Regionals costs ~$400/team, Provincials & nationals costs ~$200-300/per player
  • The dominant format for Canadian high schools (does not exist elsewhere)


  • 4 players per team
  • Two types of questions: tossups and bonuses
    • tossups: long, four to six line questions. Are pyramidal, meaning most difficult clues first, and easiest clues last
    • bonuses: three questions available only to the team that answered the tossup correctly
  • Contains more academic questions, with the exception of some university-level pop culture-themed tournaments
  • Multiple city-wide, one provincial, and three national tournaments each year
  • No limit to number of teams from one school at a tournament (“A” team, “B” team, “C” team, etc)
  • Costs ~$60/team @ high-school level, except for nationals, which costs ~$500/team. Costs ~$120/team @ university level
  • The dominant format for Americans high schools, as well as American, British, and Canadian universities. Also present (but still growing) among Canadian high schools.
  • A sample packet can be found here.

Trivia Nights (we do not do this at practice. Sorry!)

  • Usually 4 players per team, can vary
  • More casual setting
  • Questions appear on Powerpoint, team writes answers down
  • ~$5-10 per player
  • Multiple events held throughout the year by Carleton, Glebe, and Lisgar. Colonel By may host one too!