Our Values


Here at the Colonel By Reach for the Top & Quizbowl Team, our goal is not only to teach students factual information, but to teach them to value, appreciate, and enjoy the learning process itself. We accomplish this through the enjoyable and engaging experience of Quizbowl. The facts learned through Quizbowl are undoubtedly useful, as no fewer than 95% of questions in each packet are of academic nature; there is no trivial trivia. However, what is more important is that Quizbowl shapes bright young minds into life-long learners who are eager to learn new information.

Since the activity is fact-based, some people have the misconception that Quizbowl only develops one’s memorization skills. However, Quizbowl demands much more than this. Critical thinking, listening closely to rapidly-spoken questions, making connections, and synthesizing one’s knowledge are all required to become a strong Quizbowl player. Not only this, but Quizbowl is also a team activity that strengthens a student’s communication and teamwork skills. In addition, becoming a truly strong player requires diligent study habits and a positive work ethic outside of team practices. As you can see, Quizbowl is more than just memorization; it develops a plethora of important life skills.

The reason we play Quizbowl is not only to learn the facts, but to inspire a profound interest in learning into future generations.

~ Ted Gan, Team Captain