Victory at Bell’s LIST Quizbowl Tournament Caps Perfect Season

MAY 3, 2014–In the final Quizbowl tournament of the school year, Colonel By A went 10-0 to finish the Quizbowl season with a 100% record. Ted Gan and Cameron Amini finished first and second in scoring as CB A won its 49th Quizbowl game in a row against high school competition this year.

Isaac Cowan (11th grader, CB A), Bufan Wang (10th grader, CB B), and Justin Ao (11th grade, CB B) finished 5th, 7th, and 9th in overall scoring to highlight the depth of our school’s program. Colonel By C (Michelle Song, Lucia Wang, and Marcus Hum, all 10th graders) had a great showing, foreshadowing a bright future for Colonel By’s success.

Huge thanks goes out to Anirudh Agarwal and Bell High School for hosting for the first time since their team was revived this school year, and the Ontario Quizbowl Association (ONQBA)!

Statistics can be found here at the Quizbowl Resource Database.