Reach City Champions!


Colonel By Secondary school has won the Ottawa Reach for the Top Regional Tournament!

The first day of competition, March 28 at Confederation Learning Centre, saw Colonel By win its preliminary group 5-0 and enter the upper bracket round robin as the #1 seed.

The round robin between the top 8 teams (CB, Lisgar, Glebe, Merivale, Nepean, Mother Teresa, Ottawa Jewish Community School, Sir Wilfred Laurier) was split between the first day and April 3. Colonel by went 6-1 in this round robin, losing its first game against a high school team in all competitions (Reach and Quizbowl) for the 2013-14 season, ending CB’s win streak at 61 games. This was Colonle By A’s first loss since May 4, 2013. The final game of the round robin was a 360-350 win over second seeded Lisgar clinched on the final question that gave Colonel By the #1 seed going into the single-elimination playoffs.

Colonel By defeated Sir Wilfred Laurier in the quarterfinals, Glebe in the semifinals by a score of 300-270, and Lisgar in the finals by a score of 330-320 to seal the city title. Janusz Gacek once again scored the clinching 10 points.

Colonel By’s record against high school team this year stands at 66-1 in all competitions.

Huge thanks to coach Ms. Permanand for her work!