Colonel By Wins GSAC at Carleton University!

Colonel By A came in first place at the GSAC (Governor’s School Academic Competition) tournament at Carleton University. The A team tied their record-high 23.20 points-per-bonus set at JAMES earlier this year.

A teams members Cameron and Ted were third and fourth respectively in individual scoring. Anubhav Srivastava had one of his best ever performances, and Janusz Gacek had 0 negs while putting up a considerable amount of points. But perhaps the true breakout star of the tournament was tenth grader Bufan Wang of the B team, who was the #6 scorer with 32.50 points-per-game.

Stats are at:

Colonel By A’s high school Quizbowl win streak now stands at 37 games. Congratulations to all players of the A and B teams for a great tournament!